The Author

James BatchelorHello, my name is James Batchelor and I originate from Neath in South Wales. I got my first PC in 1997 after much nagging to my parents, before that the only experience on computers were Acorn RISC machines such as the A3020 that dominated schools in the mid nineties.

Originally purchased to type up homework project, I started learning through trial and error the Windows operating system, starting off with Win 95 but quickly upgrading to Win 98 when it was launched. Then after more persistent nagging I got online in 1999 using my 56kbps dialup external modem and a service that charged by the minute. Being online was a big deal for me and turned my interest in computers into a full hobby. Quickly after getting access to the internet I made my first website and hosted it on the now defunct Yahoo Geocities, with guestbook and application and other extras from Lycos HTMLgear.

During school to aid my hobby I took Information Technology and got involved with redesigning the schools website. Also during this time I created a website for my peers to promote a newly formed rock band. After school I took a Computing course in college to further compliment my appeal in computers.

In 2000 I got a new computer to replace my then aging first one, with two computers I could start networking and learning about Ethernet. Then later in the year and thanks to being recognised for my excessive dialup use I had the opportunity to enter a trail for a broadband connection. The cable company then named NTL offered a 64kbps DSL connection and I quickly snapped it up.

With all the right ingredients, a spare computer and a DSL connection I created my first home server in 2001 primarily to expand my friends website to add dynamic content via ASP for minimal cost. The first server helped me greatly with learning ASP and using a server environment, starting off with Window NT Server and deploying web forums using a MS Access database.

I completed Computing A levels in 2003 and lured by the money started into the world of full time employment, but still kept the internet, computers and networking a serious hobby. It's been over 15 years since I created my first website and still enjoy keeping up to date with the technology and how it has expanded over those years.

As for servers, I have gone through countless of them, mainly using second hand desktop machines to keep costs down and manipulating them to my needs. More recently I invested in low powered server class machines with the aim to have a long term and dependable operation. Also making the server work more for my needs by adding media, backup and download roles in addition to being a web server.

In the future I hope to continue expanding my knowledge in servers, networking and computing technology. Also with the help of small low powered devices such as the Raspberry Pi, gaining more in depth knowledge of the Linux operating systems that continue to play an increasing part in today's mainstream computing.