A server is useless unless it has a means to serve files to other devices, so the network connection is an important part in making a server a server. This is a typical breakdown of a home network setup:

Typical Network Layout

Starting with the internet that enters the home through either the phone socket or cable, it goes into the modem, which converts the signal that enabled it to be carried through the phone network to more useful data packets that computers can deal with. Then onto the router, that analysis the data and determines which computer requested it sends it onto the local network. Finally the hub or access point transfers the data to the intended machine, either by wireless or wired connection.

These days the modem, router and hub/access point parts are combined into a single unit to make things simpler, but when setting up a home server its worth knowing when it comes to configuring.

Wired or Wireless

Most things are wireless, but even with it being widely accepted as the preferred choice for most people it is not as reliable as a wired connection. Just like resetting Wi-Fi on a phone or tablet from time to time to keep it working, the same will have to be done to a server if connected exclusively by wireless. And if its running headless, there will be no keyboard, mouse or monitor to reset it.

So here I strongly recommend a wired connection as it is much more reliable, with the Ethernet cable connected straight to the hub/router to reduce any abnormalities when it comes to configuring . However is there is no chance of wiring and wireless is your only choice, a device called a wireless bridge will be your best option.

Wireless Bridge Layout

The wireless bridge gives the server the impression of a wired connection, leaving the wireless part to a dedicated box that maintains the connection to the router. Where the issues that surround wireless still remain, such as interference and range, if problems arise resetting the bridge is easier and safer then resetting the server, also any further problems on the small bridge is easier to remove and fault find on.